Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions by dogs and their humans.

The basic version mixed (extracts of chicken and beef). The chicken version (extract of chicken).

Unopened keeps for 18 months at room temperature, and opened keeps for 48 hours in the refrigerator.

Best at room temperature. Open the bottle and pour a little in a drinking bowl, then shake the bottle to let the extracts come to their full texture (best with one finger on the bottle opening) and pour in a smooth motion, so you get a froth collar like a real pint. Serve only in a clean, for the dog recognisable drinking bowl. It may be that the dog does not immediately want to drink, this is logical, for the dog it's the habit that counts. Normally water, now a healthy and tasty pint of beer.

Each day a tasty and healthy dog's beer is ideal.

Not known. Best to serve at room temperature, cold drinks, for example cold water is never good for the dog.

Certainly, your dog will however not get cured, it is a healthy treat.

Each time your dog has deserved something, as its treat.

A medium size dog (type Labrador) empties a bottle in one go. A large dog (type) Great Dane drinks about 2 bottles in one go. A small dog (type) Maltese drinks a half to a full bottle.

The mixed version has red label. The chicken version has a yellow label.

Best before date is printed on the right side of the label.